Mommy Makeover is a non-surgical body package that resolves the post-pregnancy problem on the abdomen to help regain yourself, bringing the clock back. It is natural to have sagging abdomen problems after childbirth. The skin ages dramatically after pregnancy and the skin loses elasticity, eventually becoming severely loose and saggy. Also during pregnancy, the walls of the abdomen expand and lose volume rapidly. This condition causes the skin to scar and sag while the lower area severely droops. These worries do not disappear by themselves over time due to busy work and lifestyle. Unfortunately, with a long time of negligence, there are cases where it can get worse. That is why ‘Mommy Makeover’ is growing in demand for women with post-pregnancy or weight loss. Therefore, it is important to have a professional consultation and a physical examination that carefully considers a patient’s concern.

What does this procedure come with?

Mommy Makeover package includes cold body sculpting, cavitation, lipo-laser and radiofrequency. Through using heat and cold medical technology we have been successful in accelerating our patients desired outcomes. After thorough consideration of the patient’s body conditions, we provide personal recommendations. At BC Medical Spa, we know that in order to maximize your results we have to carefully examine your body condition before you begin treatment. We offer no-cost consultations that can be scheduled by calling 604-773-6401 or emailing us at